Promote egalitarian sport through social activities to foster community and raise awareness of inequalities


To create a world where sport is a source of joy, inspiration and community for all people


Social Responsibility

Our Methodology


This active learning methodology is based on the premise that experience is the best teacher. We adopt a hands-on approach that allows students to internalise concepts through direct action. Our priority is for participants to put into practice what they have learned, which not only enriches their educational experience, but also strengthens their skills and competencies.

In line with this philosophy, we have chosen to focus on team sports. We recognise the value of these activities in personal and social development, as they promote collaboration, effective communication and teamwork. Therefore, we have decided not to include individual sports in our programme, as we believe that the benefits of team sports are more aligned with our educational and training objectives.


Visual thinking plays a crucial role in teamwork, as it facilitates communication, understanding and collaboration between team members.

In a collaborative environment, visual thinking acts as a bridge between the different perspectives and experiences of team members, enabling clearer and more effective communication.

In addition, visual thinking fosters an inclusive work environment, as visual representations can be easily understood by all team members, regardless of their background or language skills. This promotes the active participation of all members, allowing everyone to bring their unique perspective to the collaborative process.


We want Basque youth who practice sport to be aware of the different sporting realities that exist in the world.

Promoting values such as gratitude and empathy by giving visibility to different sporting realities worldwide.

Equal Sports Day

Collaborative awareness-raising sessions where values are worked on through sport.

  • Team dynamics
  • Safe space
  • Team work

Sports Tournaments

Sports tournaments focused on the practice of collaborative sport.

  • Mixed sports
  • Sports activities
  • Team fun

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